Covid-19 Precautions Being Taken

Please wear your mask to the office, and once you are seated in a treatment room you may remove it.

There will be no reading material in the reception area. You may want to bring your own book or magazine with you. There are fewer chairs now, and they are spaced further apart.

When you arrive for your appointment your temperature will be taken.

 Please cancel your appointment If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, nausea, loss of smell or taste, or profound fatigue. Contact your medical provider for further care.

 Plan to arrive on time for your appointment, not early, to minimize waiting in the office.

Anyone who escorts a patient to the office will be asked to wait in the car. The escort will be called when the patient is finished with their appointment.

If you test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of receiving treatment at the dental office please contact us.

Air purifiers with HEPA and carbon filters are in all treatment rooms and in the waiting room. The filtered air passes through ultra violet light to help kill airborne viruses. We look forward to seeing you. Thank you for being a patient in our office. We value the confidence and trust you have placed in us.